Kate Bush Tickets Sold Out

Tickets for the first live shows in 35 years by singer/songwriter Kate Bush, sold out in less than 15 minutes. Tickets for the 22 nights at London’s Hammersmith Apollo went on sale at 9:30am this morning (Friday 28th March).

The BBC website reports her as saying: “I am completely overwhelmed by the response.” She went on to say: “Thank you so much to everyone.”

Many fans were disappointed. One, Janice from Ealing in West London told a London radio station that she had been waiting for 20 minutes, “And then I clicked the ‘buy‘ button at exactly 9:30. The waiting thing went round for a couple of minutes then I was asked to enter a captcha code. Then I was told there were no tickets available. I tried this for fifteen minutes until I finally gave up. Then I saw tickets on sale for hundreds of pounds. It’s disgusting.”

Those who really want a ticket and who are prepared to pay the price, can buy from a secondary ticketing site. Demand for tickets on the three official websites was so intense, the singer’s own website crashed for several minutes under the avalanche of traffic. All three official ticketing sites froze for several minutes whilst transactions were processed.The Before The Dawn tour, which takes place this August and September, are the first live dates from Kate Bush since her Tour of Life in 1979. Typical reactions from fans on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites include:“I am disgusted. Within minutes of going on sale tickets are being offered at several times their face value on sites like Seatwave and GetMeIn!”“She should do more shows or play at a bigger venue. Touts are going to have a field day.”“I was desperate to see Kate Bush play live but I simply cannot afford to pay the inflated prices asked on some of these websites.”Simon Presswell, official spokesman for the ticketing site Ticketmaster described demand as “phenomenal”. “At our peak the Ticketmaster website had over 65,000 fans looking for tickets,” he told the BBC. “Despite playing 22 dates, demand has significantly exceeded the number of tickets available, so regrettably a number of fans will be left disappointed.” Mr Presswell did not say whether there were plans to put more dates on sale.Here is Kate Bush performing the song Cloudbursting:

Extra Dates Announced For Kate Bush Before The Dawn Tour

kate_bush_recentKate Bush has added another 7 shows to her recently announced residency at the Eventim Apollo, in Hammersmith, West London. She has now announced a total of 22 concerts.

The additional nights are 20th, 23rd, 24th, 26th, 27th and 30th September, plus 1st October.

Tickets for the Kate Bush Before The Dawn Tour go on general sale at 9:30am tomorrow, Friday 28th March, and are limited to four per person. Fans who had already registered with Bush’s website were able to apply for a pre-sale allocation. They were all sold within 30 minutes, which points to a huge demand.

For tips and information on the best way to secure Kate Bush tickets, click here.

How To Get Kate Bush Tickets

kate bush ticket siteDemand for tickets to see Kate Bush perform at the Eventim Hammersmith Apollo is expected to be huge. Many people fear that they will miss out in the rush to buy tickets on Friday morning at 9:30am. So here is our guide to giving you the very best chance to buying the Kate Bush tickets you want…

The Sneaky (& Easy) Way To Buy Kate Bush Tickets

First of all, it will really help if your computer has already been to the ticketing page. The last thing you want to do is to have your computer struggle to load every image and logo at 9:30am on Friday 28th March. While that’s happening all the tickets will be sold to other people! It helps if cookies from the site are already pre-loaded onto your computer.

1. Go to the TicketMaster website NOW

Click on the image below, which will take you through to the Kate Bush tickets page on the TicketMaster site.

You should visit the TicketMaster web page any time before 9.30am on Friday 28th March. I suggest you use the TicketMaster site because, of the three official agents, it is the one most used to dealing with really high traffic. I predict that their internet servers will be better able to cope with the phenomenal demand. If you don’t already have an account with TicketMaster, open one NOW. This will speed up your order and give you a huge advantage over people who don’t already have an account.

2. On Friday Morning 28th March, at 9:15am

Ten to twenty minutes before the tickets go on sale at 9:30am, revisit the TicketMaster web page. You will see that the listings are split over several pages. Find the day of the Kate Bush concert you want to buy tickets for, and make sure you have that page open in your web browser.

You must also make certain your computer clock or smartphone time is accurate and automatically updated. Having the exact time is crucial!

3. At exactly one second past 9:30am…

Click through and buy your tickets. If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying. Don’t stop for a second. Keep trying until you finally buy your tickets! Don’t forget, you are one of the few people who know how to get Kate Bush tickets the sneaky way.

Whatever you do, do NOT try to buy tickets before 9:30am. You won’t be able to, and by the time you get back to where you were, thousands of other people will have pushed in front of you in the “queue”.

Good luck!

Possible Set List

What can we expect to hear Kate Bush play on her forthcoming Before The Dawn concert tour? The answer, of course, is in her own hands, but that doesn’t stop the speculation. Let’s have a bit of fun. Let’s see what songs we would like to see on Kate Bush’s possible set list…

Please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments field below.

Kate Bush Set List

kate bush possible set list

Obviously the fans (and I’m one of them) will want the big hit singles: Wuthering HeightsThe Man with the Child in His Eyes, Running Up That Hill, Babooshka, and King of the Mountain. And will Peter Gabriel be on hand to duet on Don’t Give Up? Or maybe someone else?

Then we have to look at the songs on the Director’s Cut. These are obviously songs that Kate feels affection for. They are:

All songs written and composed by Kate Bush with the exception of “Flower of the Mountain”, which contains lyrics by James Joyce.

No. Title Length
1. Flower of the Mountain 5:15
2. Song of Solomon 4:45
3. “Lily” 4:05
4. Deeper Understanding 6:33
5. The Red Shoes 4:58
6. This Woman’s Work 6:30
7. Moments of Pleasure 6:32
8. “Never Be Mine” 5:05
9. “Top of the City” 4:24
10. And So Is Love 4:21
11. Rubberband Girl 4:37
Total length:

There are many tracks Kate Bush has never played live. She released 9 albums after performing on The Tour of Life. She hasn’t played on a stage in 12 years. Her appearance was with David Gilmour when she sang Comfortably Numb at the Royal Festival Hall in 2002. So, in addition to her initial releases, there are nine albums worth of song to choose from. Most of them will never have been performed live.

This inevitably means that lots of people will be disappointed. Either Kate Bush has to perform a five hour set on the Before The Dawn tour, or else a lot of favourites will have to be left out. And that’s without including any new songs she wants to do – which, I guess, she will.

What are your ideas for Kate Bush’s possible set list? And will there be Muppets? It was reported that her last projected foray on to the live stage would have included her dancing with Muppet characters. More about that story here at the Guardian website. Let’s hope so!

Here’s a song I for one really hope she’ll be performing: Flower of the Mountain aka Sensual World:

Kate Bush Performance Dates

hounds_of_loveIt was announced that Kate Bush will be performing live in Hammersmith, London in August and September, 2014. The complete Kate Bush performance dates are:

Tuesday, 26th August
Wednesday, 27th August
Friday, 29th August
Saturday, 30th August
Tuesday, 2nd September
Wednesday, 3rd September
Friday, 5th September
Saturday, 6th September
Tuesday, 9th September
Wednesday, 10th September
Friday, 12th September
Saturday, 13th September
Tuesday, 16th September
Wednesday, 17th September
Friday, 19th September

Tickets will go on sale on Friday 28th March at 9:30am, GMT. Details here.

The shows will take place at the Eventim Apollo at Hammersmith in West London, which is still known on the Wikipedia website at the Hammersmith Apollo.

Kate Bush performance dates at Hammersmith ApolloDesigned by Robert Cromie, the venue was originally a cinema that opened in 1932 and was originally called the Gaumont Palace. It was one of the largest cinemas in London and seated nearly 3,487 people. It was occasionally used for live performance, usually in the form of a variety show.

In 1962, the building was renamed the Hammersmith Odeon, and nicknamed the “Hammy-O”. This is the golden era of the venue.

The Hammersmith Odeon was awarded Grade II listed building status in 1990, primarily because of its striking art deco features. It was upgraded to Grade II* status in 2005.

In 1993, the venue was sponsored by the Labatt Brewing Company, completely refurbished and renamed the Labatt’s Apollo. This sponsorship deal ran out in 2002 and the venue was again renamed, this time after the Carling lager brewery.

In a bid to increase capacity and revenues, in 2003, the seats in the stalls were removed and replaced with removable seats. This means that when the downstairs seats are removed 5,000 people can be accommodated. This is not expected to be the case for teh Kate Bush concerts.

In 2006, the venue briefly reverted to its former name, the Hammersmith Apollo. In 2007, the venue was bought from Clear Channel by the MAMA Group. As the result of a co-ownership deal with HMV, the venue was named the HMV Apollo from 2009 until 2012. In May 2012, the venue was sold by HMV Group to AEG Live and CTS Eventim.

In the following year, the venue closed for an extensive refurbishment, supervised by  architect Foster Wilson The venue eventually reopened as the Eventim Apollo on 7th September 2013.

Despite all the changes of ownership, dodgy sponsorship deals and messing about, the venue will always be the Hammy Odeon to me. Kate Bush deserves better than to be used to advertise a product like Eventim and, wherever possible, this website will refer to the venue of the Kate Bush performances as the Hammersmith Apollo.

Here’s another great video from the golden age of Kate Bush:

Kate Bush Announces First Concert Tour for 35 Years

kate_bush_lionheart_300x240Elusive British singer Kate Bush will perform live in August for the first time since 1979, it was announced this morning. The Before the Dawn tour was announced on the morning of Friday 21st March, causing her name to trend on Twitter and her website, katebush.com, to crash as thousands of eager fans sought news of the concerts.

Announcing the 55 year-old singer’s website  said: “I hope you will be able to join us and I look forward to seeing you there.”

It is well known that Bush has only ever toured once before. It was during a six-week trek around the UK and mainland Europe. “By the end,” she recalled later, “I felt a terrific need to retreat as a person, because I felt that my sexuality – which in a way I hadn’t really had a chance to explore myself – was being given to the world in a way which I found impersonal.”

Bush revealed a need to return to playing live in an interview she gave to Mojo magazine, three years ago. She expressed in interest in playing live on stage again, before she got “too ancient”. Her view of touring was: “It was enormously enjoyable. But physically it was absolutely exhausting.”
She was just 20 when she completed The Tour Of Life after topping the charts with Wuthering Heights the previous year.

There are many theories as to why Kate Bush has not performed live since then. These include her reported perfectionism, a dread of aeroplanes and of flying and the death of  lighting director Bill Duffield, during a show in April, 1979.

Before The Dawn at London’s Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith 

The shows will be between the end of August and the beginning of September. Check out the performance dates here.

Kate Bush Tickets Tickets will go on sale at 9.30 am (GMT) on the 28th March 2014 and will be available from:

Ticketmaster UK
Gigs and Tour

Tickets will not be available directly from the venue Box Office.

Ticket purchases are limited to a maximum of 4 per order over all shows.

The name of the lead booker will be printed on the first ticket.  As the number of tickets is limited they will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

Tickets cannot be resold or transferred under any circumstances. If the promoter reasonably believes this to be the case, then the barcode on the ticket will be voided, prohibiting entry to the concert.

We genuinely hope to see you there.

To keep you in the mood, before you can even order your Kate Bush ticket, here’s a video of the animation to Eider Falls at Lake Tahoe: